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Please visit a user forum, such as what is available at and educate yourself on the different brands that are resold under many different dealership names. While you may be able to find parts for some of these buggys through some of the more reliable channels in the first list above, many of the buggys from SUNL and Roketa and other of the lesser known brands, are single source entities in the USA and nothing can be found that will fit correctly. Please save yourself the headaches and learn about these important facts. The buggy community wants new users to have a good experience and stay with the hobby for the long term!


Go Karts and Buggies are Everywhere

Congratulations in finding information on the mini buggy and go cart scene. We highly recommend that you join a discussion group and user community such as forum. There are over 3000 members there and thousands upon thousands of message threads on the board which can help you with problems you may encounter with the chinese karts or domestics. Users of the high performance honda pilot and odyssey can also be found there! Everything from kid's karts to full sized sand rails have a place at Buggy News! The off road go kart site you are on now has basic background information, but the forums and discussion groups have detailed reviews and end user help that you will need at one time or another. Many of the manufacturers are also represented there! Beyond that you will find off road go karting pictures, videos, a karting chat room and much more. You will be sure to find help on your mini buggy needs! Please join and say "Hi" in the meet and greet forum section. I'm certain you will get a warm welcome from other mini buggy enthusiasts and perhaps even make some local contacts for get togethers in your area!

Go-Karts, Dune Buggies, Sand Rails & mini Rails... In recent years there has been an influx of chinese ATV and off road vehicles. Everything from pocket bikes, atvs, and on/off road motorcycles have been flooding the local ports. One particularly succesful vehicle as been the large adult go karts, or what many like to call Mini Buggys. In creating these small off road buggies, the chinese have sought fill the gap that Honda left when they stopped producing the Odyssey and Pilot off road vehicles. While these new chinese buggys are not yet as capable as their older Japanese counterparts of yesteryear (most current models are only 150cc or 250cc), especially the Pilot, they are much less expensive and still great fun for young and old alike. For as little as $1,800, a two seater 150cc GY-6 engine (honda scooter technology) based buggy can be found right at your local Sams Club, BJs, Pep Boys, or powersports dealership. For a little more money, upgrades and performance parts are available which can easily be installed by the end user to greatly improve the overall performance.

One of the first considerations that folks should make when first thinking of the purchase of a new off road buggy, or any off road vehicle for that matter, is whether or not good product support is available to the end user. A quick search of the end user experiences at a site such as will show anyone who the good suppliers are. All too often with the chinese off road vehicles, the products are sold by drop shippers on E-Bay who could care less about warranty or parts support. These are huge things to consider, especially with an off road vehicle, as even on the best of atvs thing will wear out and break eventually. As of the authoring of this page the community has what it calls the BIG 8 producers of off road Buggys. These brands have a proven track record of providing excellent product support to their end users. They often may cost a little more up front, but with the purchase of a buggy from these sources, you can be sure that you will not be left high and dry when a breakdown occurs:

Blade Powersports (150SX 150DX 250DX) (50cc, 150cc, 250cc off road buggies)

XATV (Yamabuggy) 400cc

Dazon (Raider)(90cc, 150cc, 175cc, 250cc off road buggies)

TJ Powersports (TJPowersports Twister Hammerhead)(150cc, 250cc off road buggies)

Carter Brothers Carter Talon(150cc, 250cc off road buggies and standard go-karts)

Carter Brothers Carter Interceptor XRV GTR 250 and XRV GTR 300 (250cc, 300cc off road buggies)

Kinroad Sahara(150cc, 250cc off road buggies)

KPX Xterro and KPX Terranex (150cc, 250cc off road buggies) Now distributed by Kinroad as Super Run 150 and 250!!

Kasea (Adventure Buggy)(150cc, 250cc off road buggies)

Joyner Sand Devil, Joyner Dirt Devil, Joyner Sand Spider (150cc, 250cc, 650cc, 800cc, 1100, 1600 (1.6L) off road buggies)

Tomberlin Crossfire(150cc off road buggy)

LJTech LJ-2 (1000cc, 1100cc off road karts)

Baja Motorsports (Dune 150, Reaction 150) (150cc)

Yamabuggy XATV XRover 400cc (scorpion 400cc )

With that said, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the distributors to avoid. Please consider staying way from purchasing buggys, or other off road vehicles from the following vendors. They have proven themselves to be unreliable to the end user. Many user complaints can be found on the net simply by doing a search on Yahoo, MSN or Google. The better business bureus where these companies reside are flooded with complaints. Their warranties often do not carry the weight of the paper they are written on as parts are usually not available. No matter what they say in writing, the end user experience is quite different then what they say it will be! These are sold by dealerships under many different names, so it can be difficult to the prospective buyer to understand what they are buying before it is too late. While some suppliers may be selling these karts with good intentions, many are dumping them on folks knowing full the aweful practices that the distributors maintain:

SUNL(150cc, 250cc, 800cc off road buggies)

Roketa(150cc, 250cc, 800cc off road buggies)

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