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Steps for processing INCO applications.


  • The first step will be to get the details from the driver,i.e DMV, and TLC license so that we can create his account on BOS. We can get the details by sending them a link on text, email address and they can fill the form.
  • Once the driver has filled and submitted the form his request willpop up in INCO/NEW applications.
  • Click the preview icon to check the driver details and to confirm if we have all the documents and information. The information needed to be checked is DMV And TLC picture, DMV and TLC numbers, and State.
  • Sometimes driver’s information is incorrect or we don’t receive his DMV and TLC license, so in that case, we can email or text the driver to share his specific details.
  • After receiving all the driver details we can proceed and run the MVR for the driver. MVR(Motor vehicle report) is also known as driver abstract and it shows driver driving record. Sometimes MVRwon’t run and that can be due to missing State and missing documents such as DMV and TLC. Sometimes even if we get the driver MVR It will show incomplete and wrong info and that can be due to the wrong DMV license number been added to the database. We can only run the MVR for NY and NJ from our database.
  • The next step is to read an MVR so that we can approve the driver as A B or UW class. While looking at the MVR we have to look for 7main points, those are
    • check if his DMV is valid or suspended
    • Check his age(should be more than 21)
    • Should be having more than 3 years of experience(we can check it at the bottom of MVR, under additional information, we will look when he change his class. Will be counting the years from his class change D.
    • He should be driving in one of 4 states namely NY, NJ CT, and PA
    • The driver should be having no more than 1 suspension
    • The driver should be having 9 or less than 9 points on the license
  • He should be having no more than 2 property damage and no more than 1personal injury accident. We need to see the Police report for personal injury to determine if it was an accident with a pedestrian/cyclist or it was with another vehicle.
    • Other than the points mentioned above the driver case will be sent to UW for approval.
    • In case the driver is being approved as UW class, we can request him to provide additional information. Those docs may include
    • Foreign license
    • Trip count
    • Abstract from any other state○While reading the MVR we have to also fill up Surcharge calculator values and then take a screenshot of it to be saved in the Driver database.
    • To approve the driver, we must have 4 docs in his file subsection. Those docs are:
      • MVR
      • DMV license
      • TLC license
      • Surcharge calculator
  • In case any of these documents are missing we cannot approve him or send an approval request:
    • In the case of A/B CLASS, Upload the calculator screenshot and approved the driver by selecting the PROCESS INSURANCE with the required deposits and surcharge.
    • In the case of the UW driver after saving all the documents we do request approval. Once we get a response regarding the deposit and surcharge we have to go back to the driver account in the database and approve him as UW driver.
    • As soon the driver is approved, the driver disappears from INCO and appears in ND


ND rounds:

The drivers that are in the ND rounds are recently approved from the insurance. ND stands for NEW DRIVERS. The drivers in the ND rounds are called and texted and asked about if they would like to pick up a car and the notes are updated accordingly. The more applications we have, the more drivers there are in the ND rounds. The ND rounds are done three times a day, every three hours.

RD rounds:

The drivers that are in the RD rounds are the drivers who have returned their cars and they appear in this round. RD stands for RETURNING DRIVERS. In this round, we also reach out and ask them if they are interested in picking up a car and we update the notes accordingly. The RD round is done three times a day, after every three hours.

INCO rounds:

INCO rounds are where the new applications pop up. Once the driver fills out the BUGGY drivers’ application, it appears in the ‘Applications’ section in BOS. Once the driver is in this round, we have to approve this driver by checking all the documents like the DMV, TLC and Driving Record of the driver. It’s critical that we review the MVR and approve the driver in accordance with the insurance guidelines. Once the driver is approved, we can reserve the car for him and he can pick it up.


  • If the driver has less than 3 years of experience in the United States, it is must that we ask for a Foreign License of the driver and the Trip Count with Uber and Lyft. That’s going to be the total number of trips done with Uber and Lyft.
  • If the driver does not have any Trip count with Uber and Lyft, we will send him to UW for the approval.
  • On the MVR, if it says ‘RECIPROCITY FROM NJ’ that means the driver had a license from New Jersey. Then we need the abstract from NJ. The reciprocity could be from any state, for example: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland etc.

If there is an accident on the MVR, the driver needs to share the Police Report but if he does not have the Police Report. We can fetch the Report for $30. The card will be charged by going to the driver’s profile in BOS and clicking on ‘STRIPE’, the card information will be added and once the payment is processed. We will forward all Information to the management so they can fetch the Police Report

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