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All employees must be vaccinated before June 30, 2021. Please share your vaccination update with HR,
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Billing Followup

  • Same day 

Morning 12pm – Pay Request 

Last follow up 4pm – Card charge Warning 

  • Second day 

Morning 9am – Card Charge, Text (if declined) and Call

Last follow up 4pm – Disable warning

  • Third day

Morning 9am – Card Charge, Text (if declined), disable and call

Last follow up 4pm – Repo warning

  • Fourth day

Morning 9am – (Disabled already), Card Charge, text (if declined), Repo warn and call

Last follow up 4pm – Final repo warning Text/Email

Note: We do not Disable drivers who owe us less than $100. We just do the card swiping, texting and calling for them.

You can always recommend a driver to download our Buggy App as he can see his whole Billing History in the Buggy App, make payments, add a card or delete a card.

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