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Car Inspections

  • DMV Inspection
    • DMV Inspection is due every 4 months.
    • We notify the drivers in advance of inspection renewal.
    • The driver can do it at our specified locations FOC.
    • The driver can do it from any place and there is a $37 reimbursement upon sharing the receipt.
    • The driver has to send us pictures of the DMV inspection sticker so that we can have it update in our system.
DMV Sticker
  • TLC Inspection
    • TLC Inspection is due once in 2 years.
    • We notify the driver by sending a link to let us know If he would like to go for the inspection or he would like to switch the vehicle?
    • If the driver chooses to go for inspection he needs to come to the office to pick up the appointment letter.
    • If the driver chooses to switch he can come to the office to switch the vehicle.
    • The date will be specified to the driver until when he MUST need to come to the office, either to collect an appointment letter or switch the vehicle.
    • Once the driver will pass the inspection, he has to send us the following documents so that we can have them updated in our system.
    • If the driver fails the inspection, tag Adnan and inform the driver to keep driving and we will get back to him shortly.
TLC/Diamond Sticker

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