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Reasons for returns & How to retain the drivers

  • My Car is Too Expensive
    • Offer Retention Options.
  • Renting Elsewhere
    • Offer retention options.
    • Try to get the details. (Where are they renting from, car model, year, price) update the notes on BOS. 
  • My Car Has Mechanical Issues
    • Ask driver questions: “I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties. What is the problem? I’m sorry that happened. Please bring the car back to the office, and we will try and fix it for you. If we can’t fix it, we will give you a different car. 
    • Do you like this car? Is this problem the only reason you want to return?” 
      If Yes: 
      “Please come in today if you can, and we will look at it. If we can’t fix the car, we will change it for you. For now, I will cancel your return, okay?”
      If No: 
      “What are the other reasons you want to return?” If it’s because they want a different model, or colour car etc., (add a note in BOS, send switch options, help them on the phone to choose car available, and offer them to come in and switch.

      Tell them, once they change the car, their return date will be cancelled and they will need to keep the new car for at least another 2 weeks or more and to return the car they must schedule again 1 week in advance.  
  • Other Issues
    • Ask the driver what is their reason for returning the vehicle? 
    • If the reason they give you is not listed, add the reason on BOS. 
    • Try to offer the retention options.
    • If you are not sure about how to help them, tell the driver that someone will call him soon. Then tag Manager.
  • Vacation
    • “That’s very nice, on behalf of the Buggy team let me wish you a great trip! Would you like to rent with us again when you get back?”

      If Yes:
      “Great, when will you be back?” update the BOS accordingly.
      If No:
      Offer Weekend Rental Option.
      Tell them, we are sorry to see you go, but you are always welcome to rent with us again”.
  • I Got a Better Job
    • “Congratulations on your new job! Please remember that Buggy will always be here for you, and we would love to have you back.”
    • Offer Retention Option – Weekend Rentals
  • I Bought My Own Car:
    • Congratulations on your new car! 
    • Offer Retention Option – Weekend Rentals
    • “Please know that Buggy will always be here for you, whether you are waiting on your TLC plates, or if your car is in the shop. We would love to have you back.”
  • I’m Finished with Uber:
    • “I’m sorry to hear that and I hope that your overall experience was good. But did you know that you rent a Buggy vehicle to work for other companies too? You can use our cars for Lyft, Juno, Via and almost any other company.”

      If Interested: Have the driver check that the car he has meets the requirements for the company that he wants to work for (might need to switch, help him by switching on urgent basis).

      If not Interested: Offer Weekend Rental Option. Wish them all the best and let them know that Buggy will always be here if they want to rent with us again.
  • How to schedule a return
    If driver wants us to schedule his return on the call/text then, how to schedule a return
    • Go to the account, and click on Schedule return
    • Set a date on when the driver is returning (1-week prior notice)
    • Choose the appropriate reason and then Schedule 

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