Wearing a mask is compulsory in the office premises.
All employees must be vaccinated before June 30, 2021. Please share your vaccination update with HR,
Buggy Shark Tank is coming your way soon, gear up with your ideas.

Retention Options

  • Switch to Cheaper Car:
    • Give the driver options for the vehicles we have available.
    • Assign and tag a car assignment Rep so that we can schedule their switch as soon as possible.
  • Lower Rent: 
    • Examine the driver’s account history. Make certain that they always pay on time and that they do not owe money. Please contact Manager for clarification if he owes more than his rent.
    • If the driver has been with us for at least two months and has a good account, try to deduct only $10/$15 at first. If that doesn’t work, try $20 off. If the driver is obstinate and only wants a big discount, go to the lowest price. (Please see Monday.com for pricing.)

Always consult with the Retention Manager or Adnan to get it approved.
“Please wait a moment while I check with my manager to see if there is anything else I can do for you…” and then tell them if the manager approved that price for them.

  •  Split Car
    • A driver can share the vehicle with someone else, (friend, family member etc.). 
    • Both must have a TLC license. 
    • Must be approved by Buggy’s insurance
    • The cost will be the base price and any insurance surcharge plus an additional $150 and then split in half between the 2 drivers.
    • Assign and tag a car assignment Rep to let them know.
  • Weekend Rentals
    • If they can’t afford weekly rental, try to persuade them to rent for the weekend.
    • On Friday, you may pick up at any time. Drop off before 10 a.m. on Monday.
    • Send them to the car assignment Department if they are interested.”

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