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CA Follow Up

The Car Info sheet is used for CA follow-up. The Car Models, Car IDs, and Car Status are all listed on this sheet. There are certain sections in the sheet, such as a place for the driver’s appointments for today and a section for the pickup time. The person in charge of following up with this sheet calls the drivers one hour ahead of time to confirm when they will be picking up the car.

This sheet also has a section for the ‘Available Cars’. The cars in this section are the cars which are available to be reserved and the drivers can pick these up according to the status of the drivers.

It is very important to make sure the notes are updated and the drivers are called one hour before their appointment time.-All the updates of the drivers are mentioned in ‘teamca’ which is a channel on slack. If the driver is running late or wants his appointment rescheduled it is all mentioned there.

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