CN250 250cc Engine

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CN250 Engine

The majority of the 250cc import buggys (buggies) are using the old Honda CN250 scooter engine for their motivation needs. This engine was found in the Honda Helix scooter, among others. This is a single cylinder water cooled engine that comes standard with two valves. The crank shaft drives a CVT drive unit which in turn drives a final gear in the rear arm that is connected to the ouput driveshaft. This is an adequite design for a medium sized buggy such as the Kinroad Sahara 250, Dazon Raider 250, Twister Hammerhead 250, Blade DX 250s, Joyner Sand Devil 250, Joyner Dirt Devil 250, KPX Terranex, Kasea Hawk 250, and Kasea AB-7 250. In standard form these engines are developing about 18 hp. Some aftermarket parts are finally being developed for the CN250 engine class. There are also engine modification tricks which can yield further gains. All of these things are covered in great detail in the forums at


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