Maintainance Training Manual

The ‘Maintenance Department’ is responsible for all the queries drivers have regarding the maintenance of our cars i.e. tow, lights, tires etc.


The Maintenance as the Policy is free for the Buggy Drivers. 

 We are located on Empire Blvd Brooklyn.


Buggy Shop

 391 Empire Blvd NY, 11225 

Mon - Thursday 8-6

Sunday 9-5

Friday 8-5 

VLC Auto Shop (Only Saturday)

547 Albany Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Sunday Closed

Monday - Saturday 9 AM -5 PM


Buggy Inspection Shop

 469 Troy Ave Brooklyn NY 11203 Monday - Thursday 9 AM -6 PM Friday 9 AM - 4 PM Saturday & Sunday Closed


Tire Shop

 Tire Shop 460 Troy Ave Brooklyn NY 11203

Sunday 8 AM -6 PM

Monday 7:30 AM -7 PM

Tuesday 7:30 AM -7 PM

Wednesday 7:30 AM -7 PM

Thursday 7:30 AM -7 PM

Friday 7:30 AM -7 PM

Saturday 8 AM -7 PM


The oil change service offered is free of cost at the Buggy Shop. We offer up to $30 Reimbursement for sharing with us the receipt, and for getting it done from the nearby shop.

Oil Change required at what mileage?

  • 2018 model cars every 4000 miles.
  • 2019 model cars every 4500 miles.
  • 2020 model cars every 5000 miles.
  • 2021-22 model cars every 5500 miles.


DMV Inspection:

The DMV inspection is due every 4 months.
We notify the drivers in advance for inspection renewal. We offer the free-of-cost inspection at our specified locations. If the driver wishes he can get the DMV inspection done from the nearest shop by himself, the driver will have to send us an email with the picture of the sticker and receipt and will reimburse up to $37.

TLC Inspection:

The TLC inspection is due every 2 years.
We notify the drivers in advance of an inspection appointment.
If the driver chooses to go for an inspection, he needs to come to the office to pick up the appointment letter. If the driver does not want to do an inspection he can come to the office for a switch. When the driver passes the inspection he has to send us the following documents so that we can update them in our system.

  • TLC Passed Paper
  • TLC Sticker
  • DMV Sticker



Flat Tire:

If a driver has a flat tire, ask him to check for the spare tire in the trunk and replace it with the flat one. Then the driver can come to the buggy tire shop to get the flat tire fixed.
If the driver does not have a spare tire, he can buy a used tire or get it fixed from the nearest tire shop and send us a picture of the receipt, we will reimburse up to $50 per tire.

Head Lights & Brake Lights:

The driver can get it fixed from the buggy shop or can get it fixed from any shop and send us a picture of the receipt, we will reimburse up to $25 per light.


If the driver is complaining about brakes he should come to the buggy shop and it will be taken care of. The brakes can only be fixed at the buggy shop.
We do not do reimbursements for brakes.


Headlights/brake lights $25
Wipers $20
New mats/ seat covers $35
Tire $50
Jumpstart $15
Key fob battery $10
The drivers share with us the receipt or submitting by using the reimbursement link.

Click here


When a driver approaches you because he had an accident;
Are you alright?
Did you report it to the police?
Send Him the Msg/EMAIL,
Sorry to hear that Please be sure to contact 911. In the addition to insurance, purposes take as many photos of the damage and scene of the accident as possible. Also, please fill out this Typeform Click here
Tag "Accident" in the relevant APP.

If the car is drivable, then ask Driver to visit the office after completing the police report.

Scenario A.

In case of the car key is misplaced/lost by the driver. First, we need to confirm from the office to check the availability of the duplicate one. Then the driver needs to visit the office and will pay a deposit amount of $300, deposit will be refundable once the key will be returned.

Pattern to confirm the information in Slack.

Driver Name
Car ID
Please confirm the Duplicate Key

Scenario B.

In case: the driver stated that I am standing outside the car and the key is stuck inside and the car is locked. In this case, we can suggest arranging a locksmith.
** We will not reimburse**
But if the driver wants a duplicate key, then we can guide him according to the Duplicate key Protocol.
If the car is not drivable and is being towed by cops;
Send us Towing company's contact information and then visit the buggy office.


Important notes before arranging a tow:

• We may need to tow the car due to any mechanical issues.
• Identify the issue to be certain if the car needs to be towed or not.
• Make sure the car is not disabled due to nonpayment or any other issue.
• Make one attempt, to disable and enable again from ITURAN and update the driver that ‘we have restarted the system from the backend, so please try to start the car in 3, 4 minutes.’

• In case the driver again approaches us ‘my car is not Starting, then, we will request him to share the picture of his Dashboard.

• We will request the Driver to get a jumpstart, As the Battery sign is there, He can get help from another Driver or get Roadside assistance from a nearby shop, we can reimburse up to $15 upon sharing the receipt.
• In Case, the driver again approaches us ‘my car is not Starting’ then we will go for the Tow.
• He will have to pay the authorities/towing service in that specific area. Once the car is out of the highway/airport we will tow the car from there. The driver needs to share the picture of the receipt so we can reimburse him the amount that he paid for that service.
• The car should not be on the Bridge or Tunnel. If it is, ask the driver to push the car.
• If the car is not on the highway/airport area, we will create a tow call for the driver.

We will add his name to the Tow Sheet.

• We will add all information in the Tow Book and submit it at the end.

• We will update the driver that the tow for your vehicle is active, and the tow truck will be by you in a few hours. Please make sure to leave the keys under the Driver's seat mat. Buggy is not responsible for any items lost in the vehicle during the towing process. If you have any valuables in the vehicle, remove them before leaving the car. Lock other doors of the car, do not lock the door on the driver's seat side. Thank you for your patience.



We are offering TLC-ready cars and for driver assistance, the documents are updated into the relevant applications. We Update the Documents and Request drivers to relogin in an hour.