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Nearly anything you can think of has been done by someone out there to increase overall enjoyment on the trail. Commonly, people are trying to overcome poor performing suspensions by fitting brand name ATV shocks to the buggies and increase ground clearance by outfitting the buggies with bigfoot tire packages. New aftermarket lights can be added to overcome the weak asian stock lighting and winch systems can be fitted to the frames to help get the rider out of muddy situations. Gel cell or drycell battery replacements are available to replace the weak lead acid batteries that the buggys usually come with. Folks are painting the floor and other parts of the buggys with herculiner, or other brand of truck bed liner materials to increase resistance to wear and tear in the seating areas. Motorcycle and cycle type speedometers are fitted to buggys without a stock speedo, and GPS units can easily be added to keep track of the trails. More ingenious users have fitted stereo systems and eve I-Pods to their Carter Talons. The possibilities for buggy modifications are endless. A great source for detailed information on all these modifications is www.buggynews.com


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