Billing Training Manual


The "Billing Department" is responsible for handling all the payments the drivers have to make i.e., weekly rental, CDW (insurance), tolls/ tickets. The billing department oversees the driver's billing cycle and ensures the payments are received in due time. They also handle billing queries, deal with the deposits, adjust driver's rentals and make sure the drivers receive security deposits on time.

Billing Cycle:

We rent out cars on a weekly basis. Every driver is dealt with according to its billing day. Billing day is decided according to the day the driver picks up the car. If a driver picks up a car on Monday, His billing day will be Monday, and the billing cycle will be Monday – Sunday.

Note: Billing Day does not change in case of Switches. It remains the same
while Rental is adjusted as Final rental of the car (Pervious car Rental)

We can see this driver picked up the car on Thursday and his Billing day details are below:


CDW is a deductible Insurance that we offer to the driver which covers his damages. If the driver selects to go with the Insurance, He has to pay $25 or $15 weekly so in case of any damages to the car, he will just have to pay $99 or $299 respectively.
If he doesn’t go with the deductible plan, he will pay $1000 in any case of damages.

You can find the CDW Details below (If it’s on Zoho):

It can be like this as well if it’s on Stripe (Our new CDW Software):


A toll road, also known as a turnpike or tollway, is a public or private road for which a fee is assessed for passage. It is a form of road pricing typically implemented to help recoup the costs of road construction and maintenance. If we get the toll for the driver, we will charge $5 on each toll as a Convenience Fee.

Here you can see the highlighted area has 2 tolls. These are not 2 tolls. The toll is for $1.25 and above it you can see the $5 Convenience Fee for the toll.


If a driver does a violation, the camera takes a picture of the plates and forwards the ticket to the owner (which is buggy). So, we just transfer the ticket to the driver’s name and charge $10 for the transfer fee. We can waive the $10 fee in case the driver pays the ticket and shares proof with us within 72 hours of receiving the ticket from us.

Here you can see the ticket was transferred to the driver. We charged $10 for it. There are 2 dates mentioned as well. Run Date and Violation Date.
Run date is when we got the ticket and Violation date is when the violation took place.

Payment Method:

We offer following payment methods:



It is just like Pakistan’s Easy Paisa. Driver connects his Bank account with the Zelle app and makes payments through it to with no additional charges.

Remote Cash

Drivers can go to any nearby Dollar General, CVS and 7 eleven store and pay in cash with a $2 on top service fee. We will send a barcode to him and he has to get it scanned for the store he wishes to pay from. This is what it looks like.

Debit/Credit Card


Driver can pay through his cards as well and there will be a 3% Card processing fee on top of it.

Cash in office


EZ Pass:

EZ Pass is an electronic toll collection system used on most tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels in the Midwestern and Eastern United States. If driver’s tolls are paid from the EZ Pass, we will eventually not get the tolls. So, he can avoid the extra Toll charges that we will charge him if we will pay the toll for him.


Paydown plans are designed to allow you to repay your outstanding balance over a period.
Let’s say a driver got charged $1000 because of damages and he can’t pay it in one go. We will create a paydown plan for $100. He will have to pay $100 on top of his weekly bill until the $1000 is cleared.

Here you can see the Paydown is created for an amount of $294 and the amount on top of its weekly rental is $50. The paydown’s starting date is mentioned as well in between which is 3/29 and it is always coordinated with the driver’s billing day.

Billing Follow-ups:

- Same day
Systematic pay request text send to you the drivers at 9am

Morning 12pm - Card charge warning
At 2pm - Card charge warning shortly
Last follow-up 6 pm - Card Swiping

- Second day

Morning 9 am - Card Charge– Disable warning (if declined)
At 2pm - Disable warning shortly
Last follow-up 4 pm - Disable non-responsive drivers

- Third day

Morning 9 am - (disabled already) Card Charge (if declined), Repo warning
At 2pm Last follow-up - non-responsive been called

- Fourth day

Morning 9 am - (disabled already), Card Charge (if declined), Final repo warning text/email

, calling
Last follow-up 4 pm - Mentioned in the Repossession Channel if balance exceeds 900/-

Important Note: -

Don’t touch PERMANENT NOTES if comes into your assigned bulk


When the Drivers are Behind the payments and the pending balance is Rolled out to $1000, We Send them for the Repo process.
If the driver is not responsive from 6 days after his billing day we will tow his car at the driver's expense of $800 after sending him warnings Texts, calls & emails.
After The process of Repo From BOS, we will initiate a tow call to pickup the car

Lost Zelle

Sometimes the Driver Claims That he made the payment but we didn’t receive that,
That is because the payment was made and Stuck somewhere or Added to a Different account
We guide the driver to share the valid SS of payment with

  • Date of Payment
  • Payment amount
  • Confirmation or transaction Number

And we can locate his payment once a week usually every Tuesday

Deposit Refund Policy

The deposit can be refunded back to the drivers after one month of their return.
To process (fill up the deposit form) we need the account and routing no. of the drivers
And almost one week later deposits have been refunded back.

You can always recommend a driver to download our Buggy App as he can see his whole Billing History in the Buggy App, make payments, add a card or delete a card.


1Why cannot I register the plate no. of this car on my EZ pass?
It's a rental car and many drivers have driven this car before. So, it’s possible any one of them could have entered it in their EZ Pass. So just has to enter a dummy/fake plate number starting with T and ending with C I.e.: TXXXXXXC or T111222C
2I have my EZ pass, why am I still getting the tolls?
It must be placed in a position where it can be scanned properly. It must have sufficient balance
3I sent my CDW and Rental amount in one payment through Zelle. Why do you say that I still owe you?
CDW and Rental are separate things. CDW is always paid through the card and has a separate platform to deduct payments from. So, the payments you made went to your Rental amount.
4Please Activate/Reactivate (in case declined, expired or adding a new card) My CDW insurance.
We can surely Add the CDW deductible but you need to Visit the office Along with the car, They Will Check the car and after Signing the Contract it will be activated.
5Can I change my Billing Day?
Yes, a driver can change his billing day, he just needs to pay the difference for the days in advance. Let’s say his billing day is Monday and he wants to change it to Wednesday, He has to pay for Tuesday and Wednesday
6If my Zelle is not working how can I pay my rent?
You can use any other payment method like Remote cash/card payment I do not want to pay an Extra Fee for that. In this case you can use your Friend’s Zelle Account and make the payment Using link But You have to put the TLC licensee Number in Memo Section or your Phone Number so that the Payment will be added in Your Account
7I Do not have Money Right Now Due To family emergency / Medical Illness Can I pay My few weeks Rental when the Things will be Adjusted and Could You please Enable the car for me?
We Really Apologize We do understand your Issues/concerns but we are not authorizing to do that but You can Come to the office and return the car Today or by tomorrow we will enable it on a specific time for you. Note-The ERF will be charge as per Buggy Policy but we will make sure If you will be back in 8 weeks and will clear the Dues to rent a car again, we will remove ERF for you.
8If the drivers claim that he/she has paid for the tolls from the EZ pass
Then he has to share us the proof with us of transaction history from his EZ pass If the tolls get matched, we will waive off the tolls from our side.
9If the drivers claim they have already made the payment but we didn’t receive it.
hen they have to share a valid screenshot of the payment including confirmation code/transaction ID and the date on which it's been made.