CA Training Manual

The "Car Assignment Department" is the first step for drivers and is responsible to get drivers onboard and assign them a rental after checking and approving all the necessary documents, i.e. DVM License (Department of Motor Vehicles), TLC License (Taxi & Limousine Commission), MVR (driving record).

The ready tab of the available section displays available cars (ready to reserve).






  5. DISCOUNTED PRICE-PLANS: While adding plans for the discounted price offered, The 1st plan should always be the basic price, the 2nd plan should always contain the discounted price, and the last plan should always be the base price once more. It is important as the amount mentioned on contract should always be equal the base price of a car in BOS. Make sure you include the right dates for the plan you're considering.



When there are no cars available in the available section (Fully booked fleet), reservations are made from confirmed returns or future returns to accomodate customers, such as reserving a stage 10 car and offering it on the day it is returned.

  • Go to “Available Section” and then “ Scheduled Returns”
  • Click on “ Confirmed returns” OR “ Future returns” tab, select the accurate “Date/Time” that you’re looking to reserve the car on.
  • Complete the reservation process!



A switch is basically when a driver calls in and requests to switch the car. It could be because of the reasons listed below:

  • Mechanical Switch This indicates that the driver's car is having technical problems and that he would prefer to exchange vehicles.
  • Personal Switch The customer wants to upgrade his vehicle because he wants a newer model or because he dislikes the one he now has.
  • Pricing Switch The driver does not want to pay for the car's rent since it is too expensive for him, and he prefers a less expensive vehicle.
  • TLC Switch The customer does not want to undergo the next TLC inspection and prefers to switch to another vehicle.
  • Accident Switch: If a customer is engaged in a collision and the vehicle is no longer driveable, an accident switch is requested.



To create a switch driver should be active with a car i.e.


Go to the available section and select the car you would like to reserve.




How to deal with Switches

-Once the driver calls in for the switch.
-Confirm the reason why he wants to switch.
-If it is a mechanical issue, ask the driver if he visited the maintenance shop to get it fixed.
-If he did not visit the shop, ask the driver to get the mechanical issue fixed from there.
-If he has already visited the shop, and they told him to switch the car, then we can arrange a switch for him for that day.
-If the driver has called in because he wants to switch because he doesn't like the car he has, then it will be a personal switch.
-There is also no discounts offered on Personal switches. It depends on the condition.


Sitting inventory in respective stages will help you understand the car status or what you often see in BOS as stage 9, stage 10 or stage 11 cars i.e


-Open BOS
-Go in 'Awaiting reservations'
-The list below will show all of the new/exisiting drivers.

-Click on the 'Open' tab and right click to open in a different tab. The driver's profile will be there.
-Call the driver and ask if he's interested in picking up a car.
-Once done with the call, go back to the Profile' and update the notes on BOS.
-Add notes, Such as 'Called, interested in picking up a WAV, will CB on availability - Round 1'

-The pickup date needs to be changed to the date which the round is being done on.

-To change the pickup date, you need to click on 'ACTION' and a drop down menu will appear. The pickup date will be changed from there.
-All of the drivers need to be contacted.
-If a driver mentions a Follow-up date, then you need to update it accordingly. Such as 'F/U 4/29'.
-If the driver has been contacted for 3 days and there is no response. Then the Driver will be DTAC-ed. (Didn't take a car).
-By clicking on the 'ACTION' button, there will be an option 'REMOVE'.
-Click on 'REMOVE', then click on 'NO RESPONSE', choose the reason why he does not want to pick up a car and after that click on 'ADD TO DID'NT TAKE CAR'.




-Open BOS and click on 'APPLICATIONS' → Driver profile -After opening up, check in the files, if we have the DMV/TLC of the driver. (Screenshot) - Incase of missing document, contact the driver.


Foreign License: Request if a customer is having less than 3 year experience in the country if he don’t have -> Process him UW Trip Count (Ride-share apps): less than 3 year experience on his MVR, if he don’t have -> Process him UW Abstract (MVR): Request for abstract if a customer is driving out of the state (NY) Police Reports : Request a police report if driver was involved in a personal injury accident, always. We can fetch the Report for $30. The card will be charged by going to the driver's profile in BOS and clicking on 'STRIPE', the card information will be added and once the payment is processed. We will forward all Information to the management so they can fetch the Police Report. have the Police Report. (Attach these document in FILES on BOS) - MVR- Ensure that 9 digit DMV number is added + Relevant state is added i.e NY, NJ etc→ Go to files (Screenshot) → Run MVR (Screenshot)

-Study driver account/MVR→ Add the details in calculator screenshot (Screenshot)
-Upload the calculator screenshot in the FILES.
-In case of A/B CLASS, approve the driver by selecting the PROCESS INSURANCE Tab with the required deposits and surcharge.

  • An automated will get generated to UW, status of the application can be checked in reply back.
  • UW Class - $15 - $45 surcharge (Can vary) + $399.00 + $499.00- $599.00 deposit

-As soon the driver is approved (A/B or UW class), call the driver and offer a car accordingly

How to read the MVR (Driving Record)

The MVR is the driving record of the driver. We have to check the class change, points, violations and accidents which are in the record. According to the MVR we can add all the information in the Insurance Calculator.
1. Check the validity of the license. If it says 'VALID' means he can pick up the car and drive but if it says 'SUSPENSION' it means his license is suspended and the driver has to contact DMV office to fix the issue.

2. Check how many points the driver has. The points could be because of the violations or suspensions that the driver has.

3. Next, check the violations of the driver. The violations could be Speeding Over 20 MPH, driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence (DUI/DWI), operating without a license MORE than once, Filing, aiding, or abetting a fraudulent automobile insurance claim, and so on.

4.We also have the to check the accidents of the driver. If the driver has a PERSONAL INJURY accident, then we need to get the Police Report for it. If he has multiple PROPERTY DAMAGE accidents then we need to get all the Police Reports for those accidents.

5. Check the suspensions of the driver. If there are any suspensions we have to add that in the Insurance Calculator as well.

6. It is very important to check the CLASS CHANGE. We have to check how much time the driver has had the TLC license for. If it is for less than 3 years, then we TRIP COUNT and FL. But if the 3 years are complete we can send to the underwriter for approval.

7. The MVR can also show 'RECIPROCITY', which means that the driver had a license more a different state before. We have to get the abstract for it and the license as well.



This round is done throughout the day.

How to do CA FOLLOW UP:

Go to reserved cars tab on BOS.

    • Review the reservations for the respective date.
    • Contact the drivers as per their reservation timings i.e 1 hour prior to ensure their ETA
    • Update the notes in “Reservation notes” section i.e current status of the customer (Here in office, OTW, ETA) → Change the timing of the reservation incase of any delay.
    • Car notes show the status of the car i.e ready/not ready. Update/call the drivers as per the availability.
    • Cancel reservation → Edit reservation → Remove → Choose reason
    • Update channel (teamca) on slack as well.



It is very important that we have a good number of reasons to persuade the customers in renting a car from us. Listed below are some scenarios that the driver could say and how they should be responded with.
-'I am not interested in renting a car for you'
Ask the driver the reason. It could be that the driver is renting from a different company. In that case, kindly ask the driver the details of the car and the weekly rental he is paying. If the weekly rental is high for the current car he has, we could offer him a cheaper car, or better yet, a newer model of any sedan we have.
-'Your weekly rental is too high'
Let him know the discounted prices. Ask him what is the weekly rental that he would like for the car? If he requests for a price which is lower than the one mentioned, escalate to management.
-'Why is the price changing for me after four weeks?' The driver should be informed that the promotional prices are for four weeks only. They will change after four weeks, but if the driver is being stubborn let him know:
'This is the best discounted price that we are offering right now. But I do understand your concern regarding the pricing. So what we can do for you is that we can switch you to a different car once the promotion is over. If you do not want to switch your car, you can simply give us a call and let us know and according to the prices we have, we will offer you the best discount, how does that sound?'
-'I am getting offered a much cheaper deal from a different company'
Ask the driver which car it is and what rental he is paying for it. Most of the time the cars are older models. Try offering newer models in the discounted pricing. Let the driver know that he won't have much mechanical issues if he picks up the newer models. Also Let the driver know about 24/7 customer service and maintenance shop which fixes mechanical issues free of charge.

Social Media Leads

A sheet will get assigned for social media leads.

How to do the Marketing/Social Media Leads round:
-Open Social Media Leads sheet.
-Copy the drivers number and paste it in BOS.
-Once his profile is open, contact driver.
-Call the driver and ask if he wants to pick up.
-Update the notes accordingly in the sheet i.e their preference, required documents or application link sent etc.
- Incase, if a driver is not responsive do leave a follow up email.

Important Points:

-Driver must be DTAC (Did not take a car) if he has been contacted for three days and there is no response. This is done by simply making the row red and adding the notes.
-If the driver has mentioned a follow up date, it must be updated in BOS in the profile notes and the sheet as well.


1Does the weekly rental include the full coverage insurance?
The insurance is paid on top of the weekly rental. In case of an accident, there is $1000.00 deductible charge. If you purchase a $15.00 CDW package you’ll end up paying $299.00 and if you purchase a $25.00 package you’d end up paying $99.00 only incase of any accident. Customer is liable to pay incase of gross negligence.
2Will the weekly rental change for me?
The weekly rental is liable to change after four weeks because we are offering promotional prices.
3How long will it take for me to be approved from the insurance?
Once you share all the documents with us, it only takes about 3-4 working hours to get approved from the insurance. Question: What is your return policy?
4What is your return policy?
Our return policy is that you have to inform us one week in advance if you want to return the car.
5When will my deposit be refunded to me?
The deposit is refunded to you thirty days after you return the car.